For The Trade

If you are a wholesaler, importer, manufacturer, or dealer, James River Armory can help with restorations and 922-r compliance manufacturing and assembly.

Examples of recently completed projects include:

  • 922-r fabrication of 3,000+ Polish AK rifle receivers, adding the requisite number of US made parts, for a large importer
  • Restorations of 1,000+ German K98 Mausers for a large importer
  • New manufacturing of 1,000+ Galil receivers and assembly of imported kits into functioning rifles for an importer/distributor/retailer
  • Restoration of 500+ Beretta 92S handguns for an importer
  • Restoration of 100+ Colt Detective .38 handguns for an importer/distributor/retailer
  • Restorations of 800+ M1 Carbines for a large importer
  • Restorations of 450+ Enfield Mk I and Mk IV rifles for a large importer
  • Re-manufacturing and assembly of 10,000+ Russian, Chinese, and Eastern Bloc kits with JRA made receivers, properly heat treated and finished, for several different importers and distributors

And many more.

If you are a dealer and have taken in a rifle on trade, or if you want to realize larger margins on some of your uglier US and foreign military firearms, contact us so that we may give you options for restorations that will meet your financial requirements.

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