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For over twenty-five years, James River Armory has catered to the military arms enthusiast by restoring, manufacturing, and selling 20th century rifles and handguns.

After way too much time contemplating it, we've finally combined our manufacturing facility with a retail area that's as much a museum as a gun store, catering to the military arms enthusiast with firearms from the US Civil war to the present day.

Here, you can find anything from flintlocks and percussion cap muskets, to Springfield '03/03A3/03A4s, M1 Garands, K98 Mausers, M1 Carbines, Enfields, Galils, BM59s and so much more. Our handgun selection includes WW I and WW II 1911s, 1911A1s, German P08 Lugers and P38  pistols, military contract overrun Sig M17 and M18s, as well as their post-war and commercial counterparts.

We also have firearms that we don't list on our website, as well as ammunition and accessories for those historical pieces.

If you're in the area, please stop by our shop. We're currently open from 9-4 Monday through Friday and by appointment after hours and on Saturdays, and let us help you "Experience the History".

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