About our Company


James River Armory is a Veteran-owned, United States based company, founded in 2002 to provide the Civil War skirmisher, reenactor and gun collector with the highest quality, best value reproduction Civil War firearms available. We re-manufactured the Italian Muskets produced by Euroarms and Armisport creating a more realistic appearance, providing properly contoured and oil finished stocks, and Hoyt cut rifling to ensure match grade performance.



In 2005, we expanded our offerings to include restorations of World Wars I & II, Korea, and Vietnam era firearms. We continue to offer offer completely refinished 1903/03A3/03A4, Enfield (1917, Mk1 & Mk4), M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, 1911s, and German Mausers, P-08 and P-38 pistols.

In 2013, WWII rifles were becoming scarce, and we turned our focus to manufacturing. Our first product off the line was our Rock-Ola M1 Carbine ,shortly followed by the M14F and M21 DMR. 

That same year, we started our AK line to include re-manufacturing Russian, Chinese, and Soviet Bloc weapons from imported parts kits.

In 2017, we began manufacturing BM-59 receivers and Galil receivers to assemble imported parts kits onto, and we have several other projects in process.

In addition to manufacturing, we continue to offer restoration and re-manufacturing services to refinish your classic military arms to their original "Arsenal Reissue" condition. 

We are the largest and most prominent provider of those services to wholesalers and importers throughout the country, having completed tens of thousands of firearms with our talented team of full-time professionals, tool makers, and machinists. 

Our shop has several 4 and 5 axis CNC mills, lathes, and full refinishing rooms with woodworking, bluing, parkerizing, and specialty finishing capabilities.

You can feel confident that whatever your project, be it a single weapon or thousands of weapons,  will be completed to your utmost satisfaction.