About Our Restored Firearms

The US government (and many foreign governments) ran constant refurbishing programs over the decades. At best, by our estimates less than 1 percent of these rifles remain in the condition that they left the factory in. All of these models were built with interchangeable parts, and not only did troops switch parts during cleaning cycles, but battalion armories upgraded rifles with new improvements and depot level rebuilds changing parts on rifles by the 100's of thousands.

All of our restored firearms are original weapons that are at least 60-70 years old. We price our firearms based on what it costs us to obtain decent models worth restoring. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to find decent rifles at a reasonable price. Many of these models had a very hard and rough life after they became obsolete in the US service. When the US replaced these models they often were shipped to overseas US allies, where they also slowly became obsolete and replaced by newer models. Rifles that were shipped to Europe seem to return in the best condition, it is when they ended up in the tropics that they return to the US in literally “relic” condition. We are very picky with the rifles we restore and avoid using these “relic” rifles in our rebuilds. They never seem to come up to the quality level we expect!

None of these models made it to us as “collector” grades, and it is our policy not to rebuild or restore a rifle that is still in “as originally issued” condition (or a true collectors piece). Original untouched rifles, that often wartime vets bring back, are far more valuable in “used” condition than if restored. We see a few models every year that are sent by customers for restoration that we return untouched. Essentially restoring an untouched original can turn a collectors price worth $10-20 thousand dollars into a rifle worth $1,300.00.

Because of the rarity of certain models of rifles and pistols, and due to both market and political conditions,ur prices are subject to change without notice.