BM-62 - Limited Production run exclusively through James River Armory!

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Beretta developed a carbine version of the BM59 in 1962 as an export model, designating it the BM-62. A few semi-auto rifles were made for the civilian market, and a very small number of these were imported into the US in the mid-1960s. 

As developed by Beretta, the BM-62 was a stripped-down version of the BM59, without the grenade launcher, bipod, tri-comp, and winter trigger. It loses half a pound in weight, and with a 17" barrel, it has an OAL of 39". 

The JRA version of the BM-62 RETAINS the (easily removable) bipod and winter trigger, and the tri-comp is replaced by the Beretta designed short muzzle brake.  There is no provision on this model for either a grenade launcher or a bayonet.

Regular price for the BM-62 is $2,195, but for a very limited time is offered at $1,995, with one magazine.

This handy carbine is available EXCLUSIVELY through James River Armory, and will be a very limited production run. Get yours while they're available!

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