Mauser 98K from 1916 - TWO WAR RIFLE

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This JRA restored Spandau 98k is a two-war rifle, having first served in the Great War as a Gewehr 98, and then subsequently converted to 98b configuration as part of the Weimar era in the 1920s to be issued to the Reichwehr, which was the German peacetime army that replaced the German Imperial Army of WW I.

As part of the Treaty of Versailles after WW I, Germany was not allowed to possess small arms in long rifle configuration, but carbine configurations were permitted.

The Gew98 was modified to 98b configuration by replacing the 'roller coaster' Lange ramp sight with a tangent rear sight, oftentimes turning down the bolt handle, and adding a wider lower band and stock recess modification to allow a side sling attachment. While designated a carbine, the "B" configuration did not include shortening the barrel from its original 29"; the rifle was a carbine in name only.

During the Nazi rearmament period of the mid 1930s, these rifles were then further modified to true 98k configuration, in preparation for use by the Wehrmacht for the "thousand year empire" - the Third Reich. These modifications included having all bolt handles bent down, shortening the barrel by 5.5", and shortening the stock forearm - thus creating a true carbine.

While historically important, this rifle saw extensive use, and JRA has replaced the barrel and marked it to correctly match the receiver. It's had only 5 rounds shot through it, so here's your chance to not only own a significant piece of world history, but to enjoy shooting it as well.

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