M1 Garand Restoration

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Basic restoration includes:

- Complete disassembly and refinishing of all metal parts either zinc phosphate or manganese phosphate

- Check and gauge gas system

-Gauge barrel chamber and muzzle, and check headspace

-Provide a new oil finished American walnut stock correctly cartouched to match the receiver serial number

-Customer will be notified if any parts require replacement

-Rifle will be test fired for function

*** AMMUNITION REQUIREMENT: Military M2 ball ammo, or commercial .30/06 manufactured specifically for the M1 Garand

-Add $295 for new replacement 30-06 Criterion barrel (price includes installation and chambering)

- Add $125 for a new gas cylinder. IF A NEW GAS CYLINDER is required, that gas cylinder will be BLACK stainless steel

-Add $65 for gas piston replacement on operation rod

*Price does not include return shipping

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